On the Importance of Fact-checking

Pro-tip: If you’re going to trash the new Watchmen downloadable game, it would behoove you not to look like a jackass by critiquing the voice-over actors as “…some guy who sounds like a teenage Christian Bale/Dark Knight fan” (Rorschach) and the “whiny kid doing Nite Owl’s voice,” given that both those roles in the game are voiced by the actors playing said characters in the major motion picture. Tool.

In your rush to maintain your “edgy” cred by trouncing the title (which has some obvious flaws from the short time I spent with the demo), you decided to see how many cool analogies you could make in criticizing it, and made yourself look like an idiot. Ten seconds on IMDB.com would’ve perhaps saved you the embarassment, and you could’ve stuck to more valid critiques (game length, price point, repetitiveness).

P.S.: Complaining that the game only gave you two characters to choose from, when it has been known since the game was announced that the game would only feature two characters? This also makes you look like a tool.

UPDATE: Apparently, I wasn’t the only one to find problems with the analysis, as the original has already been edited to soften the voice-acting critiques and acknowledge the actors were not, in fact “teenagers” or “whiny kids.”


  1. Dave March 7, 2009 2:37 pm 

    In the afterglow of seeing the movie, I got the game yesterday. Kenny and I got through the first level (with a friend taking over when Kenny had to leave). I can see it getting boring, but I don’t play beat-em-ups much, so it was okay. I hope there’s a sequel with Dr. Manhattan so I can just point and blow people up.

  2. Doc March 7, 2009 3:48 pm 

    That was kind of my impression from the demo…it’s short enough (or so I hear) that it wouldn’t have time to get too repetitive for my tastes. My biggest gripe is the price point, which seems crazy high for a short arcade title, but given the Hollywood voice talent and excellent graphics, I can kind of sympathize with the creators.

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